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1 August – 1 December

Theatre of Operations

1 October – 1 December

The Life I Deserve

1 August – 1 December

From Signac to Matisse

1 October – 1 December

”Emotions are vital and serve each of us exceedingly well through our lives. Making creative works to move is our mantra.”

We aspire to make works that move the audience. Writing stories to deliver an entertaining experience, whether that is narrative work, business stories or music video, is what we aim to deliver. We have resources in video, audio and stills.

Making videos usually requires far more resources and expertise that the commissioner is aware of and given the amount that is available and has been made it is sometimes a shock and insight to see how much is involved. We are happy to discuss your requirements and needs and to see how we may meet your needs and help you grow.

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